Ghassan Automotive Stickers & Rebuilt Engine Give Away (N54 or N55 Engine)

Ghassan Automotive

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Only -25 left!

After another year of great success, Ghassan Automotive is wanting to give back to the community again, this time we are giving away a remanufactured N54 or N55 engine. The engine will have stock internals, upgraded main, thrust and rod bearings. Two years unlimited miles warranty with the option for the winner to upgrade it at the cost of upgrades only. I.e., forged pistons would cost an additional $1,200, netting a 700whp capable engine with a warranty. N55 build will require an extra $500.

To enter the giveaway, you will need to;

*Purchasing a sticker, the price will cover handling and the cost of the sticker, each sticker will be an additional entry. Shipping calculated at check out.

*Leave us a recommendation on Facebook or a positive review on Google, constructive criticism is welcome, or you can mention your interactions with Ghassan Automotive or your thoughts about us. You must leave at least one recommendation or review; if you have already done so previously, then you can ignore this step. Each review/recommendation will count as an entry.


We will be offering 250 stickers; once all 250 stickers are gone, we will go live on Facebook to draw and announce the winner. 


For more information or questions you can contact us directly at (405) 780-1105 or email us at