Core Purchasing


Ghassan Automotive rebuilds BMW cores and recycles internal parts into other engines. If you have a damaged or spare engine, let us bring it back to life. When we buy your engine, we guarantee quality customer service and care.

Ghassan Automotive is the largest one-stop-shop engine remanufacturing facility on the BMW platform in the world. We buy complete or partial engine cores and always pay top prices, so YOU benefit when you sell to us. To make it easier for you, Ghassan Automotive takes care of the shipping cost and the setup of the shipment. Ghassan Automotive buys engines individually or in bulk from private owners as well as commercial companies in North America. We even buy in bulk internationally. And yes, we will still manage the shipping.

The process is extremely simple, all you need is a pallet and some straps.

We are actively purchasing these BMW engines:

  • BMW B58 Engine
  • BMW N20 Engine
  • BMW N52 Engine
  • BMW N54 Engine
  • BMW N55 Engine
  • BMW N63 Engine
  • BMW N63TU Engine
  • BMW S55 Engine
  • BMW S63 Engine
  • BMW S63TU Engine
  • BMW S65 Engine
  • BMW S85 Engine

To sell your core, contact Ghassan Automotive today.

Ghassan Automotive