Remanufacturing Overview Process

Remanufacturing Overview Process

Ghassan Automotive Remanufacturing Process:

Our process starts by taking your core or a core and disassembling the core down to the bare block. Next, we process all parts through a “high pressure hot parts” washer, then the parts get cleaned via our ultrasonic industrial machine. Furthermore the parts are inspected and sent to the machine shop. Once parts come back from the machine shop, they get an additional ultrasonic treatment. After being cleaned, they are inspected again, measured for blue printing and assembled. Our engines come with remanufactured cylinder head(s), remanufactured pistons, remanufactured connecting rods, remanufactured crankshaft, remanufactured cylinder block, etc. Our engines come with brand new hardware (cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts, etc), new head gasket(s), new and upgraded rod, main and thrust bearings, and finally new front and rear main seals. This is a general statement that is to be used to get a rough idea on our process. Listed below are some components that are included with our remanufactured engines. Please contact us to ensure your build specs.

Oil pump, Bed plate bolts, Main bolts, Bed plate, Crank shaft with upgraded bearings, Connecting Rods, Connecting rod bearings, Rod bolts, Pistons, Pins, Cylinder Block, Head Gasket, Cylinder Head, Head bolts, Valves, Springs,  Retainers, Camshafts, Vanos Gears, Timing Chain, Oil pump Chain, Vacuum Pump, Front Main Seal, and Rear main seal.

For further information, please refer to our FAQ at or contact our office at 405-780-0708 or

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